7Hertz Timeless x Luxury & Precision W1

via KB EAR 8 Core Single Crystal Copper UPOCC Cable

I stand corrected.

There’s a market of the portable audio industry I neglected in favour of “higher-end” mainstream brands.

I mean, how good can something be if it costs 25, 50 or even 75% of the price compared to “higher-end” stuff?

As far as the 7Hertz Timeless x Luxury & Precision W1 combo is concerned, the answer is not only “good”, but also “better”. Oh, and for 75% less.

Coupled with personal preferences and the appeal of a good deal; the law of diminishing returns can be a real bitch, indeed.

To be clear, I like the sound of planars. After a few years in this hobby, it turns out that, out of single-DD IEMs and headphones, BA-only and hybrid IEMs, planar seem to invariably satisfy some audiophile cravings of mine.

Unfortunately for yours truly, planars are mainly found in headphones and planar IEMs are known to be a tough nut to tune.

Enters the 7Hertz Timeless which, for $225, promises properly tuned planar IEMs, commonly referred to as “PTPIEMs”.

Via a KB EAR 8 Core Single Crystal Copper UPOCC Cable, single-ended, they’re… wait — let me get my $1499 Solaris 2020 in order to compare both — yeah… they’re simply excellent.

Ludicrous comparison? Maybe. Am I tone-deaf? Maybe. Do I prefer the Timeless? Yup. What about balanced? They’re even better. (Edit: I settled on Final E tips though the stock SpinFit tips are fine.)

The nail on my belief’s coffin was when I discovered that the notoriously picky Crinacle — someone whom I’ve been reading from afar as I can’t read measurements to save my own life (and whom, by the way, is a joy to watch on YouTube) — made this face hearing the Timeless for the first time…

So, while I’m sure someone will find something to say about the Timeless as we all have different tastes; to my ears, paired with Luxury & Precision’s W1, whether single-ended or balanced (though I prefer the latter given the extra power you get from the W1 in 4.4, high gain, vol. 46); I struggle to justify any previous purchases I made in this hobby short of the experience I got out of it.

They’re that good.

Disclaimer: right after publishing, the author was seen running to the hills with a mob of high-end audiophile equipped with $2000 custom-made hanging cables in tow. Expect another lull before another article is published. If no article is published within a year, s/he’s probably been caught.

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